Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am France-Bound

In two weeks, I will leave for one year. I will be studying in Poitiers, France.

Two weeks is not a long time. Here is a list of things I have done and things I have yet to do between now and August 26:

-received my long-stay student visa
-registered for an absentee ballot
-notified bank
-obtained immunization records
-called insurance company about prescriptions
-asked Dominique and Jean-Pierre if I could stay with them in Paris for two days before taking the train to Poitiers
-checked luggage regulations
-endless paperwork and photocopying of documents

To Do
-figure out how to pack a year's worth of stuff into one suitcase
-buy calling cards
-change luggage tags to address in France
-figure out the most economical and practical way to pack a year's worth of my preferred brand of tampons in my suitcase
-make three copies of all important documents
-attempt to make myself presentable by getting eyebrows waxed, hair trimmed, et cetera
-write to Dominique and Jean-Pierre about the cell phone issue
-mentally prepare myself for turblulence during my flights
-buy converters, adaptors
-actually practice my French?

I am going to France in two weeks. I am leaving in two weeks to live in France for a year. In two weeks I will finally be able to live my fantasy of drinking wine while wearing a silk slip in a French apartment.

Also: Leaving in two weeks means seeing Jess and Alex in three weeks, and seeing Jeremy in about two months. I am so excited.


Alex said...

word, grrl.

shannon said...

wow, so exciting! looking forward to hearing about your adventures. give jess & alex a hug for me :)

Bryan Coffelt said...

have a good, safe trip.

Lilly said...

good luck packing. I will join you in that pain =P

Kristin said...

You are so on my blog list! Can't wait to hear all about the adventures...and the small furry companions you find along the way.

Anonymous said...

Such a delightful blog! Bon voyage my little skunk. We will travel together!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photo of the friends you are staying with an the dessert! This is so great! I hope your suitcase shows up soon. Have you seen any skunks in France?

Kim Karalekas said...

Good luck!! You will have the best time ever!!! I studied abroad for four months, but I wish I would have had a year like you!!! Can't wait to read about your adventures!!!