Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I landed in France today. Right now I am staying in Paris with Dominique and Jean-Pierre, dear friends of my family. I am already having an amazing time. Of course, my checked luggage didn't make it into France with me, but that is only one unfortunate thing that is overshadowed by my personal travel accomplishments such as holding my bladder for 13 hours or so, and not falling off the stairs, escalators, subways, et cetera while lugging my computer, carry-on suitcase, and a million important documents. We had a wonderful dinner in Dominique and Jean-Pierre's lovely backyard tonight consisting of mellon, prosciutto, cured meat, pasta, small marinated onions, salad, and of course cheese. For dessert we had raspberries and strawberries (fruit is a traditional French dessert), and these amazing chocolate cakes with hot liquid chocolate in the middle. The cakes are actually sold frozen in the store. The brand that makes them specializes in all sorts of frozen dinner items. Apparently they're like TV dinners but really really good. Ah, simple and elegant as only the French can do. And when I get an apartment in Poitiers, I can make delicious meals and pretend like I cooked them! Here is a picture of Jean-Pierre and Dominique and our dessert:

And now I desperately need to sleep. It's 11:20 pm here and I don't even know how long I've been awake. This is what jetlag looks like:

Goodnight for now, mes amis.


Elena said...

Yay! You're there! Sorry to hear about the luggage- Hope it catches up with you. The house and dinner look/sound wonderful!

Lilly said...

Hey lady, looks like we both made it to our county's alive. Did I already tell you about my travel blog? The address is on my site of I haven't. Good luck in your respective country!