Friday, September 5, 2008

So. Tired. Body. Shutting. Down.

I was going to try to catch up on my blog tonight, but I am overcome with exhaustion. I still don't have internet, so I'm at the cybercafe right now. It's 12:30 am which is the latest I've stayed up since I've been in France, and I am tiiired. We've had french classes for 6 hours or so each day this week. I've also been busy signing apartment contracts, moving into my new studio (different from the first one I looked at and much better), and buying things like dishes and windex. I am so glad to have a place downtown. And this apartment has a tea salon in the building next door as well! I will try to go this weekend.

So everything is still wonderful here. I'm sooo glad that this orientation week is over. I will have more time this week to write about me experiences, provided I get internet on Monday (fingers crossed).

Since I'm too tired to upload pictures tonight, I will leave you instead with some observations I've made so far.

1. The French speak much more quietly than Americans. I always have to say "pardon, pardon?" because I can't hear what they are saying. Also, I am trying to speak more softly, so I don't feel like I'm yelling compared to the French.

2. All French dogs are adorable. Bella is of course the most adorable dog I know, but after Bella, these French dogs are fantastic. Maybe it's because I like small dogs more, and most of them are small. I think this because everything in France is smaller; small streets,small homes, small cars. Which brings me to my next point...

3. Small cars. I LOVE small European cars.

4. Also, I would say there are at least two pastry shops on every block. It's like Starbucks in America. Only better. Much much better.

Okay, I must head back to the apartment now for sleep. I will try to post more pictures and experiences soon. I miss you all.

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Elena said...

I love your observations! It's so interesting that everyone speaks quietly . . . Can't wait to hear more about orientation!

P.S. Eat a pastry for me!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Two pastry shops a block. This is skunk heaven! Sounds like French is intense but I'm excited to see pictures of your apartment when you get a chance. But, really, get some sleep. You're lucky to have a year in France so you'll have plenty of time to do everything. I am letting Bella know that you still think of her while surrounded by adorable French pooches!

Lilly said...

The Japanese don't really speak in speak in public. And when they do it is really quiet - so pretty much anything I do is loud. Also there are random cake shops in Japan - of which I have yet to frequent since people generally buy cakes when the visit a friends house. And cakes are expensive. I also have only eaten cheese so far once. Ah the cultural differences