Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Fine Day for Hazing

Last Thursday, my engineer friend Patrick invited me to have a drink at a café with some of the other engineers. It turned out to be more than just a drink with friends. Every year, the engineering school (ÉSIP) hazes the first year engineering students. The first years roam the streets of Poitiers in groups, stopping at each station where they must bend to the will of the upperclassmen. I had the honor at sitting at one of these stations to watch the events. Here are Julien and Patrick spreading nutella and sprinkling almond slivers on the face of one poor soul:

I couldn't get a photo of exactly what this victim was trying to do (he was moving a lot), but please note the egg on his shirt, and writing on his forehead. He was trying to put a condom on his head, but when he was unsuccessful, he was told to put it over his shoe where it promptly ripped, much to everyone's chagrin.

At one point, one first year was forced to play a penis while two other boys crouched beside him to replicate the testicles. White yogurt was put into the mouth of the penis boy (I'm sure you can see where this is going), and two girls massaged his back until ejaculation ensued. I did not get a picture of this. Sorry everyone.

Here is a picture of Florian, moi, and Patrick:

And Antoine, Julien, and a boy I don't know. Some of the other tormentors:

I even got to experience some of the action when one of the first years made a sneak attack on Antoine, whom I happened to be sitting by. This is me, post egging. I guess you can't really see the egg in my hair, but it's there:


tobeylaumey said...

je suis très heureux que tu n'a pas réussi à faire une photo du penis avec les testicles...

Genevieve said...

Oui. Moi aussi. J’étais un peu horrifié.