Friday, October 3, 2008

Les Expressifs

Les Expressifs is an annual art festival in Poitiers. For four days (this year October 1-4)visitors can see street performances, concerts, and theater and dance spectacles for free. Tonight, Kelsey, Christa, our French friend David, and myself watched a drum group at the Palais de Justice, and a concert in a pavilion at the hotel de ville. The drummers were super cool:

I also enjoyed what we saw of the concert. It was a trio of three men; keyboard, guitar, and tuba. I thought they had a sound similar to Gogol Bordello and some Neutral Milk Hotel. Quite enjoyable.

This festival also seemed to bring out the entire hippie population of Poitiers. Surrounded by an abundance of dreadlocks and flowing, earthy clothing, I felt like I was in Ashland again.

After enjoying the concert for a little while, we went to a restaurant for hot drinks. It is sooo cold here already. I ordered hot wine which is perhaps the best thing to drink on a cold night when you want to warm up.

Eventually our French friend Nico joined us, and some friends of David's as well. Here is a picture of Kelsey, me, Nico (standing), and Pierre (making my delightful rabbit ears):

It was a wonderful evening, and now it is late, and I'm going to go to sleep. More posts to come.

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