Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Holy Mother of God!

I had a long island iced tea the other night. Dear Jesus. It was the strongest drink I have ever experienced. When I asked Kelsey and Sam what was in it they told me everything was in it, but I didn't really think everything. I was wrong. Luckily, Kelsey and I were sharing. I think drinking one of these myself would have killed me.

Here are some other scenes from our nights out. This is Lindsey (Oregon), James (England), Aerika (Oregon), and Liz (Oregon)oustside Est-Ouest.

Here I am with Nico (France), Kelsey (Oregon), and Kerstin (Germany) at L'Havanita:

And Sam, me, and Kelsey:


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Kristin said...

Long island iced teas are just about the greatest libation conceived by man. I am thrilled you have found solace in them as I have.