Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Holidays in Poitiers

So I know this is about a month late, but I wanted to show you what the holidays are like in Poitiers. It was sort of like a fairy-tale world, with the little Christmas market in the town square, and the ice rink, and the live animals outside the church. There were even loudspeakers put up in the streets that would play Christmas music. Here is the city hall at night, with the ice rink and the Christmas market in front of it:

Here is a school group at the ice skating rink. Note how many kids have fallen. They were so cute. I couldn't stop laughing.

Another picture of the charming French school-children. The Christmas booths are in the background.

Here are the pygmy goats huddling outside the church!

Shaggy ponies outside the church!

I petted the sweet, shaggy ponies!

More pygmy goats!

There was also a delightful pot-bellied pig who would walk around snortling. He was sort of hard to photograph though, because he was usually eating hay behind a cow. I also saw a donkey biting another donkey, which was quite shocking to me because I had never seen farm animals biting each other like that. I think the biter might have been trying to have sex with the bitee, but I'm not positive. Anyway, visiting the animals was always the highlight of my day, and I would stand and watch them and laugh with delight.

Here is one of the displays in the shopping center. The cats moved too. I think this pleased me way more than it should have.

And of course...

What's Christmas in France without a manifestation? For a couple of days the high-schoolers marched the streets protesting a new education reform. I managed to snap this picture as they passed by my bus:

This was actually a very stressful day, because I was taking the bus to one of my final exams, and the demonstrations were making the buses late. It all worked out though. Here is another picture I took downtown. I think the sign says, "Youth forgotten, Youth outraged."

Oh, France. How fascinating you are.


Kristin said...

Sweet shaggy French ponies just made my day. And I do so love the smell of student uprising in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Poitiers looks like a storybook - at least at the holidays. During the protests, looks like a wonderful college town!
Skunked in Salem

Anonymous said...

Just love the cat display. I hope to recreate it one day. So nice. I can imagine spending lots of time just gazing.