Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Don't Think I'm Meant To Be A Rugby Player

I went to see my first rugby game last Sunday, with my friend Vicky, from England. Oh my god. I think if I were to try to play rugby, I'd be crushed to death within the first thirty seconds. How do these guys play this sport and still...live? I really enjoyed the game, and it was great to have Vicky (who is a rugby expert) explain all of the rules to me.

Note the tangled pile of bodies.

The scrum.

A Sunday well-spent.

Jonny Bell's Concert

Last Saturday, Jonny Bell, a delightful Enlgishman, played a concert at the Café Bleu.

I think that the entire international student population of Poitiers showed up, along with all of their French friends. It was great! Jonny Bell played and sang wonderfully, and a good time was had by all. After the concert, we all headed to the bar.

Here is la girafe. That is a lot of beer.

Jason and Mélissa.

Lindsey and Erik.

Emma, Jo, and Jonny Bell. Woo, England!

Abby and Vicky. Woo, England!

Arnaud and Liz.

Aerika and Tucaud(?).

Me and delicious muscat. Mmmm, muscat.

Alyssa and me.

Lucille and Shawna.

Hillary, Katie, Alyssa, and me.

Potluck at Sylvie's

Last Friday, Sylvie, the director of the Centre Oregon here in Poitiers, had a potluck at her house in Chasseneuil, about half an hour from Poitiers. It was nice to meet all of the Americans who had just arrived in January. I also fell in love with Sylvie's beautiful French country house, and charming pets. I miss cats! While it seems that every French person has a dog, and takes that dog everywhere with them, cats are hard to come by. So it was a dream come true for all of us cat-deprived Americans to have a feline in our presence. Now for some pictures.

Me and Aerika and the kitty.

Me and Aerika and the kitty desperately trying to escape my grasp.

Setting up the food. Delicious food.

Sylvie's daughter Agnès.

Erik (who is studying in Germany, but was visiting Lindsey), Lindsey, Aileen (from St. Louis University), Alyssa (also from SLU), and Jason.

Sylvie (our director), Shawna, Odile (Alyssa's host mom), Alyssa, and Devon in front.

Shane, Lindsey, Erik, Aileen, and Katie (from SLU). Also note the beautiful house.

Rachelle, Sam, Jessica (SLU I think), Hunter (SLU), Hillary (SLU), and Katie. Again note the lovely house.

Jason and the cat!

Adrienne and Karen.

What a wonderful night!