Monday, March 2, 2009

Nuit de Sheriffs

The Night of Sheriffs is an annual party for the engineering school ESIP. It's held each year as a farewell party for the graduating seniors. The students rented out a nightclub for the event, and I went with my friend Patrick.

Patrick being accosted.


This is my mean sheriff face.

I am trying to get this image out of my mind.



Loubna and me.

Naked people.

Throughout the night, certain sheriff awards were given, like "the weightlifting sheriff" for the guy who lifts alot, or "the dancing sheriff" for the person who's really good at dancing. Then, they gave awards for a sort of king and queen sheriff. They brought in STRIPPERS for the king and queen. I couldn't believe it! Never in the States would strippers be hired to give the kind and queen of the party a striptease and lap dance!

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Elena said...

Um . . . Where did you get those handcuffs?