Monday, March 2, 2009

Paris Weekend

Last weekend, I went up to Paris to visit Dominque and Jean-Pierre, and the Nattans. On the first night, Dominique and Jean-Pierre took me out to eat, along with one of their family friends. We went to the Vaudeville, one of the true Parisian brasseries. Here I am with Dominique and Jean-Pierre.

Oh my god, the meal was sooo good. It started out with foie gras, and then came beef with shallots and the most delicious potatoes, and it ended with a sort of chocolate-coffee cake with a liquid chocolate center and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So good. We finished the evening with a walk around Paris and it was lovely.

The next day, Dominique and Jean-Pierre took me to the palace of Versailles, the seat of Louis XIV in the late 1600s. It was amazing. It's hard to describe how immense the palace and the grounds are. Dominique and Jean-Pierre commented that you can kind of see why the French Revolution took place when you visit Versailles. It's so lavish, and gigantic, and expensive. The rest of the country had nothing.

I've taken some picture, but it's really hard to capture what these rooms are like from a photo. Also, it's hard to get a picture when you're sandwiched between the other tourists.

Here is the chapel. We couldn't go in, but it was so beautiful.

Ceiling scene.

Another ceiling scene.

The Hall of Mirrors

Me in the Hall of Mirrors



The grounds. I hear they're even more beautiful in summer, when the flowers are out and all of the fountains are on.

Really pretty.

After the palace, and viewing the grounds, we also saw Marie Antoinette's residence, her little peasant village (which I think might have been my favorite part), and the smaller palace Napoleon once occupied. I didn't take pictures of these because, as i said, it's really hard to capture what it's like. So you'll just have to go to France and see it for yourself. We spent seven awesome hours visiting. And we only saw the first floor of the main palace. Only the first floor of the palace is open to the public. Other floors and rooms require an appointment with a reservation made months in advance. Amazing.

After my great visit with Dominique and Jean-Pierre, I went to visit Georges and Andrée. Georges was my grandmother's guardian in France after World War II. Now he is 101 years old. He and Andrée were doing great. I had such a nice time spending the afternoon talking with them, looking at old pictures, and talking about my grandparents. In the evening, their granddaughter Sarah came over, and the two of us went out to dinner and then walked around Paris for the rest of the night. Delightful.

Andrée and me.

Georges and me.

Sarah on the metro.

Sarah under the Eiffel Tower.

Me under the Eiffel Tower.

It's lovely at night.

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Elena said...

Versailles looks amazing . . . I love the Hall of Mirrors!