Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Party at Jeanette's

Last weekend I went to a party at Jeanette's place. Jeanette is from Nova Scotia, and she is a lectrice at the university. It is a teaching job, and she teaches one of my classes along with a French professor (of course I haven't had that class for a month and half due to the strike, but that's another story). The party was delightful; great people and a great atmosphere made for a fun time had by all.

Here I am with our lovely hostess, Jeanette.

Sarah (England), and Sam.

Samuel (Hungary), Anne-Laure (France), Edel (Ireland, she is also a lectrice), Ilias? (Tunisia), and Jeanette in front.

Keeva? (England), Kathryn (England, also a lectrice), and Asia (US).

Pierre from France (sitting), Isabel (Germany), Sarah (England), Sam (US), and Jeff (US).

Miguel, Eduardo (Spain), Joaquin? (Spain), and me.

Dancing. Stripey 1 is from Poland, but I forget his name. :( I didn't meet Stripey 2, and Brooke in the blue is from the States. He is also a lecteur.

Lorella (France), Reshma (England), Matthew (England), Asia (US), Adam (England), and Sarah (England).

Hillary, another lectrice from Nova Scotia, and Lorella (France).

Great night.

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